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Freshman year

Now i know everyone has there school problems but this is what its really like in my college prep all girls catholic high school. The Mattress as its most known as. Now i know every school has there sluts,whores, pregnant scares, and much more. This is the real and dirty little secrets that goes on at my school and trust me there’s a lot. Now this blog is going to tell you all the insight and dirty little secrets that goes on at my school….  I think i should start at the very beginning…..Freshman year….. My First day at mount! 
             Now my parents didn’t force me to go to mount i wanted to go. All my friends were going. I knew all about the reputation but I honestly didn’t care, I knew I had what it takes to be a Mount Girl! It’s only four years of an all girls school what could go wrong? I walked in the school back pack in hand scared out of my mind. I was  wearing my uniform.. My beautiful hounds-tooth skirt that looks like i’m apart of the dougher family but i would be the rebel dougher whose skirt only covers her knee caps .

Imagesexy right… not! But besides my beautiful hounds-tooth skirt i was rockin. I wore my white polo that had the mount st. Marys logo on it and my MOUNT sweat shirt. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. The first day i loved it was kind of scary at first but i still liked it… The first day of English I decided to be a dumb ass and ask quesitons…. My Lesbian teacher (i want to clarify right now i have nothing against lesbians; at my school there is bound to be lesbians and there are. There are closet lesbians who are so far in the closet they can see Narnia and there are lesbians that are open. She just happened  to be an open one. Anyways back to the story at hand) I decided to raise my hand and ask if we are going to do something this year that wasnt on the agenda list and basically asking a bunch of dumb ass questions being a stupid freshman and i got pulled out of class by my teacher the first week… She told me “Stop being a dumb ass and we wont have any problems this year. You asking these dumb ass questions our getting us no were and frankly its disrespectful” I don’t think it was a bad thing she did that i think it actually helped me but it was humiliating but i needed it…. That was one of my first drama encounters at mount and it was with a teacher…. That year wasnt filled with a lot of drama.. This year was the start of the WHORE not a whore the Whore. Now there’s a lot of whores at mount but they didn’t really show till sophomore year. But this girl was a WHORE and everyone knew it! She had no problem telling you but then when someone asked her about it she would either deny it or be like bitch are you trying to start something. She’s the kind of girl who could make everyone hate you if your on her bad side but every school has one. The big scandal that was going on freshman year was that Cameron Whoreget got caught giving a junior a BJ at the promenade. ( its a place were all the 8th grade whores go now but at the beginning of freshman year it was were we all hung out) it had movie theater, shopping, and resturants. She got caught blowing him behind the movie theater on tape. Her mom had to watch it! Shes now band from the promenade. But you think after having to go to court and everything her parents would get a clue but no. She kept on her slutty was but that is another story sophomore year for another time when Cameron finally got what was coming to her.. but thats another story for another time. After that you think that Cameron would learn hhhmmm maybe i shouldnt be a whore but she loved going down on people! She helped an 8th grade whore give a guy a BJ too! But basically all freshman year she kept most of her whoring was under wraps well kind of the best the whore can do. She couldnt get in trouble with the law anymore while going to court. 

      Not alot of things happened Freshman Year but Sophomore Year this year is the biggest year for sex, scandal, and drama like you would never believe. The reason i could tell all of what happened freshman year because there wasnt alot that went on at all. I hope you enjoy reading all the scandals and drama that has gone on Sophomore year. This was just a little taste of what goes on at mount but Freshman year was nothing compared to Sophomore year I hope you enjoy. 


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